Francisco Castello's personal tech/geek blog

As a technolgy fan I always try to find and hack how things work, my passion for technolgy in general lead me to pursue interests in coding, automation, metrics and analitics, IoT, electronics and DIY projects of all sorts.
From simple hello world coding in new languajes to automating a full fleet of servers (or raspberry pi’s), creating kubernetes clusters, database clusters, DIY electronics, home lighting and automation, energy efficiency, among others can be seen in my personal projects.
In this blog I will share some of this projects, most things I do for fun at home as side projects, my drive for automation lead me to try to keep as much things in code to be able to reproduce my projects from scratch.
My idea is to share this projects which might save others some time for their presonal projects.

You can find my public info here: my personal github, twitter @fcastello80 or linkedin