What Is a Lightning Post?

Aug 2, 2020

2 mins read

After about 2 months of launching this blog I realized that creating blog content is a time consuming task. While the whole purpose of my blog is to share some of my experiences and it’s my own way to contribute to the open source community (most of what I talk about here is open source tech), I figured that I wanted to keep adding content every week, but some weeks it’s much harder than other weeks to create a full blown blog post, I write this in my free time so between work and personal life it’s hard to keep full blown projects every week. I really enjoy writing this posts and I want to keep contributing my experience even with smaller contributions, as a full blown blog post that might be about 20 min read takes me in average 6 to 8 hours to produce them and test the entire project, then I want to keep contributing but sometimes with less time consuming posts. That is what I will be publishing “lightning posts” alongside my regular full blown projects.

What is it?

I named this blog posts “lightning post” and it’s inspired by Lighting talks we usually see at conferences like KubeCon. Those are much more condensed talks which normally are limited to 5 minutes, where someone presents some technology or presents some problems and solutions without going into much details. I found lightning talks in conferences very useful as they help me get some new technology perspective that I can investigate on my own or some other topics that are presented fast so then I can research more later, all that without getting too much into details which speeds things up.
Then in my blog I will mention that is a lightning blog post following the same approach as conferences lightning talks. In this lighting posts I might introduce 1 or more technologies talking about them but without going into too much detail, or just talks about hacks, cheatsheets, shortcuts that are helpful for me that might be helpful for others too. This last one is going to be my favorite, as I will talk about something specific without going through full blown project. Even though this lightning posts will have “less” content or won’t have a project from start to finish, it won’t mean that they are not as useful as a full blown blog post, this contributions might save some time to someone else as many times someone else saved me time by writing their issues in a blog or forum.

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